PACTS Research Project – ‘Roads policing and its contribution to road safety’

In May 2019, PACTS was awarded a grant from GEM Road Safety Charity to undertake research into roads policing and its contribution to road safety. AlcoSense has also agreed to contribute to the project. Context  Road deaths in the UK have not declined since 2010. During this period, levels of roads policing (officer numbers, enforcement activity etc.) have declined substantially– with the exception of automatic speed cameras. In response to […]

PACTS Research Project ‘Drink driving – taking stock and moving forward’

PACTS is currently undertaking a research project ‘Drink driving – taking stock and moving forward’ following the award of a Department for Transport Road Safety Grant in May 2019. The project will be undertaken in partnership with the University of Stirling and is a multi-disciplinary review of recent drink driving trends, practice and interventions in the UK. The research aims to provide new, up-to-date insights into the behaviour, mind-set and […]

PACTS launches new report: ‘Seat Belts: The Forgotten Road Safety Priority’

A report published by PACTS, in association with Direct Line Group, on the 30th of April 2019 reveals the problem of seat belt non-wearing in the UK. Seat Belts: The Forgotten Road Safety Priority shows that despite wearing rates of 98.6% for British car drivers, 27% of those who died in cars on the roads in 2017 were not wearing a seat belt. This amounts to more than 200 deaths; […]

Developing safe system road safety indicators for the UK – a report by PACTS in association with Ageas

PACTS, in association with Ageas, has called on the government to adopt a new approach to managing road safety. The report, Developing safe system road safety indicators for the UK, was launched at the Conservative Party Conference on 2nd October 2018. It recommends that the UK monitors a set of eight key indicators to show changes in the underlying safety of the road system. These would support a casualty reduction target. The government would report annually on progress. The […]

The Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR) is expected to be published late spring 2018

In 2017 the Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned a road safety management capacity review (RSMCR). This was a recommendation by PACTS in 2015[1] and PACTS was pleased that it was accepted by DfT and included in its 2015 British Road Safety Statement. The DfT is expected to publish the report in full in late spring 2018.