ETSC publishes PIN Flash Report 27

The European Council for Transport Safety (ETSC) have today published their PIN Flash Report 27: Ranking EU progress on car occupant safety, now available here. The report found that 900 lives could be saved every year in the EU if car manufacturers were required to fit seat-belt reminder sensors to front and rear passenger seats to help prevent deaths from failure to wear belts. The European Commission is currently revising vehicle […]

Projections of road casualties in Great Britain to 2030

The report, Projections of road casualties in Great Britain to 2030, written by C. G. B. (Kit) Mitchell and R. E. Allsop and published by PACTS is now available here. The report analyses road casualty trends and has been supported by contributions from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and the GEM Motoring Assist Road Safety Charity.  Additional report data and results can be accessed below: Annex A: Data and Detailed […]