PACTS Policy Briefing – Lowering the BAC Limit

As part of a wider series of policy briefings which PACTS will be publishing over the coming weeks, PACTS outline their position on lowering the BAC limit and highlight the key issues at stake.


We have made the following recommendations:


·         Government should give priority to responding to the findings of the North Review and publish a road safety strategy forbeyond 2010 as soon as possible.

·         The default Blood Alcohol Content limit for drivers should be reduced from 80 milligrammes to 50 milligrammes. 

·         ACPO should review their policy on breath testing following collisions to ensure that their powers are being used as widely and as effectively as possible.

·         Evidential roadside breath testing devices should be approved as a priority.

·         Police forces should be trained to similar standards in areas relating to drink and drug driving law enforcement. 

Download the document

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