PACTS Policy Briefing – Single Double Summertime

In the UK, clocks are set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from October to March and British Summer Time (BST), which is GMT + 1, from March to October. Most European Countries follow Central European Time(CET) which is GMT + 1 in winter and GMT + 2 in summer.

Research shows that a change in Britain’s timekeeping to fall in line with CET, a move often referred to as ‘Single/Double Summertime’, would bring about significant economic, social, environmental and health benefits. One of the major public health outcomes of such a change would be a reduction in the number of people killed and injured on our roads during the winter months.


In addition to the road safety benefits of Single/Double Summertime, evidence shows that carbon emissions could be reduced, local economies3 could be improved and wicked issues such as obesity and climate change5 could be tackled more effectively.


The attached PdF givest the full briefing.

Download the document

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