PACTS Comments on Select Committee Report on Drink and Drug Driving

Today the Transport Select Committee published their report Drink and Drug Driving Law in response to Sir Peter North’s report.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety welcomed the Transport Select Committee proposal for a zero limit with regard to drinking and driving. Such an approach reflects the strong level of public support shown in polling evidence provided in the 2010 RAC Report on Motoring. This showed that 46% of drivers supported a zero drink drive limit.

Commenting on the report, Robert Gifford, Executive Director of PACTS, said “This report sets a challenging but achievable goal for government and the road safety community. What we need now is a clear timetable for action, not the rather vague words “in the long term”.

“The Committee has rightly identified the success of a zero approach to smoking in public places and asked whether a similar model could apply to drinking and driving. In the light of the public health White Paper published on Tuesday and of the setting of a new strategic framework for road safety beyond 2010, I would urge the Government to commit itself to a new limit of 20mg by 2015 at the latest, making Great Britain one of the leaders in Europe on this issue.”

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