PACTS Comments on Government Response to Sir Peter North Report


Commenting on the publication of the Government’s response to the North Review of Drink and Drug Driving and to the Transport Select Committee report on the same issue, Robert Gifford, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, said “It is deeply disappointing that the government has failed to take up this opportunity to save lives on our roads.

“According to the Department’s own figures published last week, 85% agree that if someone has drunk any alcohol they should not drive. A new lower limit would have helped to support that view, making clear that drinking and driving do not mix.

“Evidence from Professor Richard Allsop and from NICE submitted to the North Review also showed reductions in deaths and injuries from a lower limit. The government has chosen to ignore this and the clear link between alcohol consumption above 50mg and the increased likelihood of crash involvement.

“While we welcome the operational improvements contained in this report, the failure to lower the limit continues to put our citizens at risk. How many more have to die before the government really makes road safety a priority?”



For further information, please contact Robert Gifford  020 7222 7732 (work)

A copy of the ‘Government’s Response to the Reports by Sir Peter North CBE, QC and the Transport Select Committee on Drink and Drug Driving’ is available for download in full here.

For further information on the Government’s aims to make the roads safer and on the North Report, please click the link to the Department for Transport Website: here.


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