Aiming for Zero

This conference will look at the challenges for road safety over the coming years if we are to seek to achieve a British version of Vision Zero. Although the current environment for casualty reduction may seem daunting, we need to look beyond this to sketch out what more we can achieve and what research evidence we have to make progress. This conference will begin to map out the direction we need to take.

A full list of speakers, an application form and details on how to pay can be found in the conference brochure on the right.

Download the event brochure

Presentation 1: Facing the Challenges- Improving Road User Behaviour, Oliver Carsten, Institute for Transport Studies.

Presentation 2: The Evidence Base for New Vehicle Technology, Richard Cuerden, TRL.

Presentation 3: It’s my Choice: Safer Mobility in an Ageing Population, Naomi Baster, PACTS.

Presentation 4: Average Speed Enforcement, A Carrot Shaped Stick, Geoff Collins, Vysionics.

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