Railway Accident Analyses

The latest version of Prof Andrew Evans’ (Imperial College London) analysis of Fatal train accidents on Britain’s main line railways: end of 2010 analysis is now available at:
A new paper, Fatal train accidents on Europe’s railways: 1980-2010, written for the Ninth Congress on Railway Research, to be held in Lille on 22-26 May 2011 is also available. This is an update to 2010 of a paper Fatal train accidents on Europe’s railways: 1980-2009 published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention Vol 43(1), 391-401 (2011). For reasons of space, the Lille paper is confined to an analysis of fatal train collisions and derailments only, and does not discuss other types of accident. It may be found at:
Finally, Accident Analysis and Prevention has also accepted for publication a paper Fatal accidents at railway level crossings in Great Britain 1946-2009. The manuscript may be found at:
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