23rd Westminster Lecture: Managing for Ambitious Road Safety Results

In the 23rd Westminster Lecture and 2nd UN Decade of Action Lecture on Transport Safety, Jeanne Breen will give an international perspective on what works in road safety. It is well known that without effective action, road traffic injury will be a cause of serious health loss for men by 2030 and the leading cause of child death and injury by 2015. Jeanne, with her extensive knowledge of international best practice, will look at how to manage road safety outcomes and at how to improve road safety outcomes in Great Britain using international best practice.

Join us for a timely and challenging intervention on the future of road safety both at home and abroad.

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23rd Westminster Lecture


Erratum: Reference 43  should be ALLSOP R.E. SZEB N.N AND S,C WONG (2011) An update on the association between setting quantified road safety targets and road fatality reduction, Accident Analysis and Prevention 43 (2011) 1279–1283


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