Government response to Transport Committee report on road safety

The Transport Committee has published the Government’s response to its recent report into road safety.
Launching the special report, Louise Ellman, Chair of the Transport Select Committee said,
“The DfT has wasted an opportunity to demonstrate focus and leadership on road safety. Generalised talk about everyone playing their part to bring road casualties down should not be allowed to hide central government’s responsibilities to keep local authorities, the police, other agencies and the public fully focused on delivering significant and sustained improvements in road safety.
“I am particularly disappointed that the Government hasn’t accepted the committee’s recommendation to initiate an independent review of driver training, especially given the high casualty rate for young drivers.
“The government claims that we are seeing faster reductions in casualties in the 17–24 age group than for drivers as a whole, but with 4,894 people killed or seriously injured in reported accidents involving young car drivers in 2011, including 1,552 young car drivers themselves, too many young people are still suffering on our roads every year.
“Further proposals to improve the safety of young drivers are promised in the next few weeks and we will want to look very closely at any such measures.
“We will also be watching closely over the coming months to see if the Department provides significant pro-active leadership in other areas of road safety not least that relating to cyclists and motorcyclists.”

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