PQs 4th – 7th February

Motorcycles: Driving Tests
Cathy Jamieson: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether his Department provides guidance on issues relating to liability to driving examiners conducting motorcycle test manoeuvres in a live highway environment where a test candidate becomes involved in a collision while following the examiner’s instructions to carry out such manoeuvres. [141914]
Stephen Hammond: The Department does not provide such guidance. The Module 1 test, which comprises the manoeuvres, is undertaken off-road.
However, as part of the current motorcycle test review, research is being undertaken to see if it is feasible and safe to carry out the Module 1 manoeuvres on the road. No guidance on legal liability is provided because the trials are conducted in a controlled environment, which has been assessed against strict safety criteria.
Transport: Fire Hazards
Maria Eagle: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport pursuant to the answer of 4 December 2012, Official Report, column 688W, on transport: fire hazards, when he will publish the Highways Agency and Network Rail study of potential sources of fire risk from third party activities at other critical locations beneath or adjacent to retrospective networks. [141202]
Stephen Hammond: The Department intends to publish the reports on the DFT website this month.
Aircraft: Air Conditioning
Mr Ellwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will conduct a review into the quality of air in aeroplane cabins and the consequent effect on pilots. [141612]
Mr Simon Burns: Four independent research studies commissioned by the Department into cabin air have already been completed. The main study was published by Cranfield University in May 2011. These studies have now been concluded and the published reports have been sent to the independent Committee on Toxicity (COT) for their consideration and views.
Driving: Blood Alcohol Levels
Sir Bob Russell: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what steps his Department has taken in respect of the proposals contained in the 10-Minute Rule Bill on permitted blood alcohol levels for drivers introduced by the hon. Member for Colchester on 22 November 2011. [142137]
Stephen Hammond: The Department has no plans in respect of lowering permitted blood alcohol levels for drivers.
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