Door to Door Strategy

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Norman Baker): I am today publishing a door to door strategy that will help create growth and cut carbon by making it easier and more convenient for people to make their whole journey by sustainable transport—public transport supported by cycling and walking. By improving the whole journey, how each part connects and how to better integrate those parts, more people will be encouraged to use sustainable transport to get from their front door to the door at their destination.
Currently for journeys of less than five miles, 54% of people use the car. For longer journeys this increases to 80%.
The door to door strategy brings together for the first time the key work the Department is undertaking with all the key players in the transport sector. I am very grateful for the support from the rail and bus sectors, and those promoting cycling and walking, for their help in producing this strategy and their endorsement of it. It focuses on the key areas of reliable information, convenient ticketing, better connectivity, and safe, comfortable transport facilities.
The benefits of improving the door-to-door journey will be felt in a number of ways:
by increasing use of sustainable transport we can help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality;
by improving connectivity and interchange we can help to support economic growth as we better link our businesses and markets and ensure public transport journeys are fast and reliable;
by providing a well-connected and accessible transport system that is safe and secure we can help improve public health, quality of life and wider well-being; and
by integrating the door-to-door journey as a whole we are delivering a good deal for the traveller by helping to make travel more reliable and affordable.
The door to door strategy sets out our vision for using new information technologies, improving ticketing choices, increasing choice and enhancing interchange, all of which will make the door-to-door journey more seamless. We will be working with transport providers, local authorities and representative organisations to challenge them further and help to make our vision a reality.
I will be placing a copy of the door to door strategy in the Library of the House. It will also be published on the Department’s website at:
To support the door to door strategy I have also today published the multi-operator ticketing guidance for local transport authorities. The guidance helps them to identify the type of scheme and approach that might be most suitable in their area, and clarifies the legal issues surrounding introduction of these tickets.
Publication of the guidance is the first of the Competition Commission’s suggested remedies to the local bus market that has been fully addressed by DFT, and reaffirms the Government’s commitment to improving bus services for passengers.
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