Approved Driving Instructors

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Stephen Hammond): The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) today launched a consultation on a reform of the regulatory framework for approved driving instructors (ADIs). The consultation seeks views on improving the way that people qualify to become driving instructors, including replacing the existing DSA qualifying tests with a new vocational qualification delivered by approved training centres and assessed by an external awarding organisation.

The new qualification would be aligned with DSA’s national standards that set out what skills are needed to be an effective driving instructor, and would reflect any changes introduced as a result of the Government’s upcoming Green Paper on young drivers.

The consultation also considers reforming the trainee licence scheme so that trainees would only be able to give paid tuition when accompanied by a fully qualified instructor; and seeks views on minor changes to the administration of the ADI register.

These proposals would also reduce the time and money that is currently wasted by many applicants as only 50% of them complete the current application process. Instead, the new system incorporates transferable credits which trainees will be able to carry forward to other vocational qualifications, if they change their mind about becoming an ADI. This allows for better job mobility.

The consultation will run from 27 June to 8 August 2013. The consultation paper is available at the following web address:

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