PQs 2nd-6th December 2013

2nd December


Chris Heaton-Harris: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what steps he is taking to promote cycling proficiency for the deaf community.

Mr Goodwill: The Department for Transport promotes “Bikeability” cycle training in England. Bikeability is “cycling proficiency” for the 21st century, giving people the skills and confidence to cycle safely and competently in modern road conditions. Bikeability is underpinned by the National Standard for Cycle Training. The National Standard is built upon similar principles to training for motorcycle riders and car drivers, teaching the importance of assessing the likely risks faced by road users. To supplement the National Standard, the Department has published guidance called “Delivering Inclusive Cycle Training—A good practice guide for disability cycle training”. The guidance provides advice to National Standard instructors on how to help people with a disability, including hearing impairments, achieve National Standard cycle training outcomes.

The Department provides £11 million per annum grant funding for Bikeability training for children in England (outside London), enabling training for around 275,000 children. Some local authorities also provide free or subsidised cycle training for adults.

5th December


Mr Nuttall: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what his policy is on the mandatory fitting of all-weather tyres to new cars.

Mr Goodwill: The Government does not consider that mandating a particular type of tyre on new vehicles best serves consumers interests as tyre choice has the potential to influence vehicle performance such as fuel consumption. In order to allow consumers to compare the relative performance of tyres at the point of sale, tyre labelling has been introduced across the European Union. Wherever there is a choice of tyres available with a new vehicle, retailers are required to supply relevant information to consumers in a standardised format to help make an informed decision in relation to tyres fitted to their vehicle.

Tyres: Snow and Ice

Richard Burden: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) what analysis or research his Department has conducted or commissioned on the benefits of the application of winter tyres to (a) motor cars, (b) commercial passenger vehicles and (c)heavy goods vehicles to road safety;

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