UK Road Safety Summit: The Way Ahead

UK Road Safety Summit: The Way Ahead

‘This is a must see event if you want to understand and influence future UK road safety strategies’


The conference engaged key stakeholders in open and practical debate about the future of UK road safety policy and practice, the common and the different challenges across the UK and the diversity in road safety policy which has developed in the past few years. Key topics included:


Road safety policy in the UK: Government perspectives

Engineering, education, and enforcement – the post-2015 landscape

From the European to the local: Delivery at each level

How to make road safety a priority for the next government

In the wake of the conference PACTS is are pleased to make the presentations available below:


1. Keynote Speaker: Robert Goodwill MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Transport discussed the topic of Road Safety- where next?

2. Richard Burden MP, Shadow Minister for Transport, discussed Road safety priorities for the next government.

3. Andrew Lowe, Head of Motor, Esure: Autonomous cars- what role do they play in the future of safe driving?


The other presentations of the event are available here in PDF format.

‘High Tech Future will bring benefits and challenges’ according to an article on the conference by Chris Ebbs, now available here courtesy of AutoExpress: Page 1, Page 2.


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