PACTS Confirms Delphi as Technological Partner

PACTS Confirms Delphi as Technological Partner


20 October 2014

PACTS holds Driverless Vehicles conference on October 22 at Thatcham, UK

PACTS, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, will run the conference, Driverless Vehicles: from technology to policy, on 22 October, hosted at Thatcham Research, the motor insurers’ safety body, to discuss the policy implications of active safety systems in cars and commercial vehicles. The event will describe the technology introduction roadmap from the latest driver assistance systems through to the eventual introduction of driverless cars, looking at the substantial contribution to reducing road deaths that could be achieved at each stage. Visitors will be able to hear from experts in a wide range of relevant fields, see the latest technologies in action and learn about test procedures.

The conference technology partner is Delphi, a leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Delphi developed the world’s first production automotive radar, the world’s first pedestrian detection system with full automatic braking, and the world’s first integrated radar and camera system enabling a wide range of active safety features (available on Volvo XC90). Today, Delphi’s portfolio of active safety technologies monitor the environment in and around the vehicle and in addition to active safety systems include driver-state sensors and workload management that allows information to be delivered with minimal distraction.

“PACTS is very pleased to have Delphi as the technology partner for the conference,” says David Davies, executive director of PACTS. “Delphi technology is a major part of advanced safety systems in modern vehicles.”

The sources of driver distraction from smartphones and other devices  are multiplying. Active safety technology may prove crucial for the safety of drivers, their passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and all other road users.


PACTS: David Davies, executive director,, 0207 222 7732


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