Revising the Victims Code

Revising the Victims Code

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) began a consultation on a suggested update of the statutory Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, laid out in a consultation document titled ‘Revising the Victims Code’ in July 2015.

The three main changes that were proposed within the document were:

1. To extend the services offered under the Code to victims of any criminal offence, not
just victims of the more serious criminal offences that are notifiable under the National
Crime Recording Standards (NCRS).
2. To make sure that victims are entitled toreceive support and information from relevant
public sector investigative and prosecutorial organisations, not just the police and
Crown Prosecution Service.
3. To make sure that a victim who reportsa crime receives a written acknowledgment
which states the basic elements of the criminal offence concerned.

PACTS submitted a response to the consultation which can be viewed here.

The consultation closed on 16th August 2015.

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