Think! launches new country roads campaign

Think! launches new country roads campaign

New figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) released today reveal that country roads are the deadliest, with an average of three people dying on country roads every day last year. In total, 1,040 people were killed and 9,051 seriously injured on country roads in 2014, with a third (348) of fatalities occurring on a bend.1

In spite of this, almost a quarter of road users surveyed admit to braking too late on bends and two fifths (41%) claimed to have swerved to avoid something in the road.2

As a result the new Think! campaign is encouraging drivers to slow down on country roads and developing new difficult to ignore hazard warning signs.

Roads Minister Andrew Jones MP stated that:

“Every injury and death on our roads is a tragedy and that is why the new THINK! country roads campaign is so important. We want the public to anticipate potential hazards on the road when driving in the countryside, to watch their speed and take care when approaching a bend.”

1 Statistics from Department for Transport data. Rural (country) roads are all roads outside of urban settlements with a population of 10,000 plus and with any speed limit, but excluding motorways.

2 Survey of 2,000 drivers in England and Wales carried out on behalf of DfT THINK! in October 2015.

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