Justice Questions: 5th November

Justice Questions: 5th November

During Oral Questions to the Minister for Justice, Michael Gove, Susan Elan Jones placed a question on driving offences, available on the Parliamentary Hansard.


Susan Elan Jones: Many of us were very pleased when, 546 days ago, the Government announced a full review of driving offences and penalties, but we were rather less pleased that it was 546 days ago, and we still have not seen the results of the review. May we please have a date on which we will be able to receive them?

Michael Gove: The hon. Lady makes an important point, but it is vital that we look at sentencing in the round to make sure that we make balanced judgments. One of the problems we have sometimes had in the past is that new offences have been created and new sentencing frameworks have been laid down that have led to confusion rather than clarity, and we want to ensure we have swift and certain justice.

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