Lords Bill to lower the drink-drive limit: Briefing

Lords Bill to lower the drink-drive limit: Briefing

Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe’s Private Member’s Bill to reduce the drink-drive limit is due to have its Committee Stage on Friday 11th March 2016. The Bill, which seeks to amend the Road Traffic Act 1988, calls for a reduction of the legal limit on a driver’s blood alcohol content from 80mg to 50mg alcohol/100ml in England and Wales. Scotland enacted a similar reduction in December 2014 and Northern Ireland intends to do so in 2016.

PACTS and the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) support the reduction. A lowering of the drink-drive limit would improve road safety, saving lives and preventing serious accidents. It would also save hundreds of millions of pounds in costs to emergency and health services.

The PACTS/AHA Briefing on the Private Members Bill can be downloaded here.

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