General Election 2017 – road safety manifesto commitments

General Election 2017 – road safety manifesto commitments

Following the announcement of a UK General Election on June 8th, PACTS wrote to the major parties calling for a clear commitment to casualty reduction, backed by targets, to be included in their manifestos. Since then:

PACTS welcomes Labour’s pledge for a ‘reset’ of the UK’s road safety vision, included in their manifesto:

“After seven years of stalled progress, Labour will reset the UK’s road safety vision and ambitiously strive for a transport network with zero deaths, reintroducing road-safety targets, setting out bold measures that will continuously improve safety standards.”

Responses have been received from the SNP and the Conservative parties.

Although, road safety was not subsequently referenced in the Conservative manifesto, PACTS hopes that, should a Conservative government be returned, it will continue to pursue the aims set out in its 2015 British Road Safety Statement which include a commitment “to reduce the number of cyclists and other road users killed and injured on the roads every year.”

The Liberal Democrat manifesto made no mention of road safety as such but did say they intend to:

Design towns and cities as safe and attractive walking spaces and implement the recommendations of the Get Britain Cycling report.


The Green Party Manifesto includes commitments to improve road safety and a manifesto page titled ‘A People’s Transport System.’ (p24, ttps:// )

The Green Party will work to increase public investment in the railways, trams, ferries and buses, as well as to make our streets and roads safer for everyone.

There is focus placed on safe public transport, walking and cycling investment and “safe, convenient networks of routes for walking and cycling, including safe places for learning to cycle.”

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