Road Safety Management Capacity Review

Road Safety Management Capacity Review

The Department for Transport today (26 June 2018) published the Road Safety Management Capacity Review.

This is a report detailing the findings of the independent Road Safety Management Capacity Review by Systra.  The DfT committed to commissioning this work in the 2015 Road Safety Statement. The project was commissioned in May 2017 and DfT received the final report in May 2018.

The report is independent and not a statement of government policy. The DfT has said that they will not be making a proactive announcement in relation to its publication.  They are currently considering the findings in the report do not plan to publish a formal response but the findings, alongside the findings of work to improve our understanding of what is causing collisions (announced by the Prime Minister on 10th June ) will inform a refreshed statement and two-year action plan for road safety.

David Davies, Executive Director said, “PACTS is very pleased  to see this report published. A Road Safety Management Capacity Review was an action call by PACTS in 2015. Three of the report authors (Jeanne Breen, Kate McMahon and Peter Thomas) are people closely involved with PACTS. At 384 pages, there is a lot in it and PACTS will be raising many of the issues and recommendation with government in the near future.”

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