e-scooters: Cool but where are the benefits?

e-scooters: Cool but where are the benefits?

PACTS has responded to the Department for Transport’s consultation on e-scooter trials and to the Transport Select Committee’s inquiry into e-scooters.

PACTS points to the growing evidence of the health and safety disbenefits of e-scooters and their questionable environmental credentials.

Use of e-scooters is currently illegal on public roads in the UK. PACTS believes that trials, despite the restrictions proposed, will be seen as a green light to general, unregulated use by the public. This will place the police in an impossible situation.

The PACTS policy position is here: e-scooters – PACTS position v2

The PACTS response to DfT ‘s questions is here e-scooters-consultation-response-form – PACTS 2June2020

The PACTS submission to the Transport Select Committee was published on 7th July 2020 and is here: https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/6086/pdf/

Update (September 2020):

PACTS has written to transport minister Rachel Maclean expressing our concerns about the increasing illegal and dangerous use of privately-owned e-scooters and called on the government to restrict sales. We publish our letter and her reply here:

PACTS to Rachel MacLean e-scooters 21Aug 2020

reply from Rachel MacLean e-scooters 2Sept2020

See also PACTS letter (21 August 2020)  to the Local Government Association. We make 5 recommendations for Councils thinking of permitting e-scooter rental schemes. e-scooters PACTS to LGA 21Aug2020

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