PACTS Statement of Privacy and GDPR compliance

PACTS has reviewed the General Data Protection Regulations, its internal procedures and databases. PACTS seeks to comply with both the spirit and the details of the regulations.

Purposes for which PACTS holds personal data:

PACTS holds personal data in order for PACTS to contact those people and organisations who have expressed an interest in the work of PACTS, so that they may be informed about news, events, reports, briefings etc about PACTS and transport safety.

PACTS makes the following declarations about personal data held within the organisation:

  • PACTS will not share the personal data of any individual with another organisation (regardless of whether data is sold or exchanged for free);
  • Any person or organisation may request to access personal data held about them by PACTS at any time;
  • Any person or organisation may request that all personal data pertaining to them is removed from PACTS’ databases;
  • PACTS does not research or profile any individual or organisation for the purpose of fundraising or marketing;
  • PACTS does not store any data acquired from third parties.
  • PACTS will maintain a list (a “suppression list”) of people who have explicitly stated that they do not want to be contacted by PACTS or wish to be contacted only by specific means;
  • PACTS will use this data for the purpose of contacting subscribers and PACTS Members with news, events, briefings etc about PACTS and transport safety;
  • In the event of a data breach, PACTS will promptly inform those individuals affected.

Your rights

Any individual may withdraw their consent to be contacted by PACTS at any time, without specifying a reason. If you wish to know what personal data are held by PACTS, or wish for your personal data to be removed from PACTS’ databases, please contact or unsubscribe using the link in PACTS communications.