Anne-Marie Penny

Anne-Marie Penny, Senior Programme Manager, Highways England
Anne-Marie has worked in road safety for 16 years. She was involved in a life-threatening motorbike crash in 1995 and her passion to reduce road crash casualties and the physical and mental trauma that results, stems from this experience.

Following 14 years in the private sector working in project management and customer delivery, Anne-Marie joined Kent County Council’s road safety team where she was the Road Safety Development Manager and led on motorcycle safety before moving on to manage the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership.

She completed an HND in Accident and Safety Management in 2007 and has received Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Awards for the Save 478 Lives casualty reduction programme in Kent County Council and the Driving Business – Safely partnership initiative.

She has been a volunteer for Inspiring the Future, a trustee of the Eastern Alliance of Safe and Sustainable Transport ( and hosted the FIA Foundation International Road Safety Scholarship in Kent for three years. Currently Anne-Marie sits on the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers Council which has a focus on work related road safety

Now working for Highways England, Anne-Marie leads on Driving for Better Business ( which is the key strategic programme in the National Incident and Casualty Reduction Plan.

Her work in Road Safety has clearly rubbed off onto her children. Her son is training to be a paramedic with South East Coast Ambulance and her daughter is in her second year of a Forensic Science degree at Christchurch University. Unfortunately, her two dogs do not have any road sense at all!