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2016 Report

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Download the 2016 Report Here

The report looks at national patterns examining five casualty groups; all casualties, killed and seriously injured casualties, pedestrian casualties, car user casualties, pedal cycle casualties, and motorcycle user casualties. For each group constituencies at the top and bottom of the index are listed, together with a summary of the recent progress. The report also contains a list of the index values and progress for each individual constituency.The sample map below shows the ‘All Casualties’ index colour coded according to high and low values with more information available by clicking on an individual constituency.

To download a copy of the full report click here or select the ‘Constituency Dashboard’ tab to view your own local report as well as the analytical dashboard itself. To download the analysis in an Open Data format please click here.

Constituency Reports

To view the report for your constituency click on the first letter of your constituency name below then the download link to the PDF document. If you are unsure of your constituency, this link will help you find your constituency using your home postcode.


A selection of the maps included in the dashboard reports are available to view via interactive, online maps.  Select any of the maps below to review local trends in more detail.  Alternatively, if you would like to view the location of collisions in your local area visit www.crashmap.co.uk

All Casualties Progress

All Casualties Progress

All Casualties INdex

All Casualties Index


KSI Casualties Index

KSI Casualties Index


KSI Casualites Progress

KSI Casualties Progress


Pedestrian Casualties Index

Pedestrian Casualties Index


Pedestrian Casualties Progress

Pedestrian Casualties Progress





PACTS and the Direct Line Group have published this 2016 Parliamentary Constituency Road Safety Dashboard that, for the first time, reveals how the casualty rate (by population) varies across the parliamentary constituencies in Great Britain. Using information from Department for Transport STATS19 statistics between 2010 and 2015 the Dashboard presents information on casualties for residents of the constituency, rather than looking only at collision locations. The Dashboard also provides an analysis of progress over the last six years, comparing each constituency against the national average.

Separate analyses are provided by casualty severity, major road user casualty groups (pedestrians, pedal cyclists, motorcyclists and car users) and by age groups.

The purpose of the Dashboard is to provide additional specific local information to stimulate action to improve road safety for all road users.

To view the report or see how your local area compares to the national average explore further tabs.

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