Karen Cole


Karen began working for the Motorcycle Industry Association 16 years ago.

A rider since the age of 17, she worked in the retail side of motorcycling at M & P Motorcycle
Accessories immediately before joining the MCIA.

She was hired initially for a one off-project called The Edge – a rider assessment scheme -probably a
little ahead of its time. One project led to another, and the role grew and grew, developing as time went on to her current status as Training and Safety Director.

Karen regularly collaborates with the Department for Transport, the National Police Chiefs͛ Council,
Transport for London, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), Highways England, IAM RoadSmart, Institute of the Motor Industry, motorcycle training providers, road safety officers, plus road safety groups and project teams.

She is also a director and motorcycle expert for Prince Michaels International road safety charity Roadsafe.

There are few individuals in the industry with access to such a large network of road safety and legislative influencers, which is why she has been able to achieve so much. Often her work involves facilitating relationships and helping other people to achieve their road safety and training goals but she has a number of things she is justifiably proud of.

In 2008 she established the Motorcycle Industry Association Trainers Association, which helped bridge the gap between industry and training.

In 2013 she led the team which set up a specialist education centre at MCIA Head Quarters in Coventry – the Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre – or MCIAC for short.

MCIAC was awarded official accredited status by the Institute of the Motor Industry, to provide a programme of vocational training for motorcycle instructors and motorcycle training businesses. MCIAC programmes are also recognised by DVSA.
This is a major step forward in bringing the best in teaching methods and expectations of customer service to the motorcycle training industry, ahead of any legislative requirements to do so and will raise standards of training and help improve rider safety.

Karen was also one the authors of a landmark policy document, jointly written by the MCIA and the National Police Chiefs͛ Council. This launched during 2014 and will be updated in November 2016. Karen is responsible for overseeing all training and safety actions within this framework which are translated into policy.

She is also active on the European stage, though the MCIA͛s membership of ACEM (the Association for the motorcycle industry in Europe) and helps to put forward a UK road safety perspective – as well as sharing best practice with other EU countries.

First and foremost though Karen is a rider, which means she understands what motivates motorcyclists.
This gives her an invaluable perspective to apply to all matters concerning motorcycle safety and training, which she feels privileged to be involved in.

During 2015 Karen won three awards for Road Safety.