Katy Harrison

Katy Lee Harrison
Policy Officer at PACTS.

Originally from North Wales, Katy completed a degree in Politics at York University in 2009. After University, she worked for a brief time in the office of Lesley Griffiths, Member of the Welsh Assembly for Wrexham. Following the 2010 election, Katy began working as a Senior Caseworker for Susan Elan Jones MP, Member of Parliament for Clwyd South.

In 2012, Katy moved to London to work as Senior Researcher for Susan Elan Jones MP and, in 2011, took on the secondary role of Office Manager for Susan’s constituency and Westminster Offices.

It was during this time, Katy developed a love of transport-safety policy whilst working directly on a campaign for which Susan Elan Jones MP was awarded ‘2015 Parliamentarian of the Year’ by national road safety charity BRAKE.

In 2012, Katy completed a post-graduate diploma in Management part-time at Birkbeck University, with distinction. For the 2015 General Election, Katy acted as the Parliamentary Agent for the Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party.

In March 2016, Katy became Policy Officer at PACTS and for the past year has been conducting research into the issue of road-related suicide in the UK. The resulting report ‘Suicide on UK roads: Providing a Baseline’ is scheduled for publication in November 2017.