Kristopher Brunsden

From a standing start in 2010, Insure The Box has become the UK leaders in black box insurance. Insure The Box has sold more than 650,000 policies and amassed over 3 billion miles of customer driving data, affording great informational insight in order to best meet customer needs. Insure The Box believes in rewarding positive driving behaviour to engender long-term good driving habits and help save lives.

Kristopher Brunsden joined the claims team at Insure the Box in 2012 having worked within the motor insurance industry for 7 years. He quickly demonstrated both a passion for and a proficiency in the assessment of telematics data, earning him a role as a Senior Claims Data Investigation Analyst.
Working within a specialist investigation team, Kristopher’s role sees him assisting in overseeing the implementation and utilisation of telematics driving data within Insure the Box’s claims function and the wider business.

As well as aiding the claims team in the efficient handling of customer’s claims, Kristopher’s role also sees him deploying the data within the counter-fraud arena, using both proactive and reactive analysis to aid in the detection and defence of fraudulent motor claims. At trial Kristopher’s evidence on the subject has been adjudged to be “overwhelming”.

His responsibilities also extend to liaising with and aiding various law enforcement agencies in the disclosure and assessment of telematics data for the purpose of collision investigation and the prevention of crime.