Peter Wells

Peter Wells
Leader for the Volvo Accident Research Team (ART) which was started at Volvo in 1969 in order to improve safety at Volvo Trucks by investigating real life accidents. Today ART consists of three areas / teams which are:
• Operational Team; analyses road traffic accidents involving Volvo Trucks and on occasion Renault Trucks on crash sites and retrospectively. The team consist of 8–9 members and is cross functional with members from product quality, cab, passive safety, active safety, complete vehicle and research. Members are either experts or have positions within their area that means direct input to product development and efficient means to share the knowledge gained.
• Traffic Safety Data Statistics Team; analyses relevant national and international statistical accident databases and traffic safety related data sources to identify trends and potential areas of improvements in the markets.
• Safety Evaluation Team; develop methods and tools used for predictive safety measurements of existing and future safety features. This area is still however under development. No members yet due to budget constraints.
Previous work during my 16 years at Volvo has been mainly focused on research and development of active safety systems along with project management of both internal and external (national and European) research projects.
Born in London but have lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for the last 44 years. M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University. I try to spend as much of my spare time as possible close to the sea, either in my sailing boat or underneath the waves diving.