Rob Tunbridge



Independent alcohol, drugs and impairment consultant

Dr Rob Tunbridge is an independent consultant specialising in impairment due to alcohol, drugs and fatigue. He has over 30 years experience working in both Government and the private sector as a research scientist looking at the adverse effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on human performance.

Until 2004 Rob was Head of Impairment Studies at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). Since then he has worked as a private consultant. Previously he was Research Programme Manager in the Road Safety Division at the Department for Transport (DfT) and was responsible for the research programme into drink driving, drug driving, driver fatigue and accident causation. He was a member of the Inter-Departmental Working Group on ‘Sensible Drinking’, which in 1995 established the current recommended daily alcohol consumption limits for men and women. He has a great deal of experience in recognising the risks posed by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs and risks associated with sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Rob is a member of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, an Assistant Editor of the foremost international journal “Addiction”, and a member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Legal and Forensic Medicine. He has acted as a consultant to the Automobile Association (AA), the RAC Foundation and and The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) on alcohol and drugs safety policy. He is a regular peer reviewer for several traffic safety journals and has a broad experience in expert witness work. He has provided a considerable number of forensic reports to police, solicitors and consultants and is recognised both nationally and internationally as an expert in this area.