Stewart Fowler – Transport Intelligence Project Manager Kent County Council

Stewart is a Transport Intelligence Project Manager at Kent Count Council and has been working in Highways and Transport since 2013.

Stewart joined Kent County Council via the Highways and Transport Graduate Programme in September 2013. Over the following two years Stewart was involved in a range of projects across Business Improvement, Highway Drainage and Transport Strategy and Planning, whilst also completing courses in project management and management and leadership. In 2015 Stewart joined the Transport Intelligence arm of the Road Safety department as an analyst responsible for providing evidence to support the work of the three E’s of the authority and partner organisations. Key projects during this time included the integration of CRASH into Kent’s collision reporting processes following adoption by the police force in 2016 and working to successfully secure Department for Transport funding via the Safer Roads Fund bids in 2017. In 2019 Stewart spent a year working as a Principal Transport Planner responsible for managing an ambitious railway project through the planning process, for which the scheme received planning approval in 2020.

Stewart has since returned to the road safety industry, harnessing project management experience and analytical skills to become a Transport Intelligence Project Manager in the Schemes Planning and Delivery team. Stewart is responsible for utilising emerging datasets and technologies to evolve the decision-making process for implementing engineering schemes.