Stuart Reid – Head of Insights and Direction, Transport for London.

Stuart Reid is Head of Insights and Direction at Transport for London. He has 28 years experience in transport and human behaviour and has led a variety of projects to develop policy and practical guidance documents such as the National Cycling Strategy, the Manual for Streets and the DMRB standard for Non Motorised User Audit.

He developed and implemented the strategy for demand management around the London 2012 Games and at TfL is responsible for safety strategy and the Vision Zero programme.

Stuart Reid

Synopsis – Lilli Matson and Stuart Reid


Lilli Matson and Stuart Reid from Transport for London discuss the importance of safe and clean vehicles to achieving London’s strategic objectives. This includes the relevance of vehicle design and technology to outcomes around of decarbonisation, improved air quality and Vision Zero. Their presentation describes the importance and design of recent policy initiatives which London has implemented, such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone and the Direct Vision Standard for HGVs. They also discuss progress made to date in Vison Zero, the importance of safer vehicle design in what has been achieved to date and future challenges including the necessity to increase the proportion of London’s fleet, particularly among cars and vans, that have technologies that protect not just the occupants but also those around the vehicle.