Rail Regulation: PACTS response to a call for evidence

PACTS’ submission to the Department for Transport’s consultation document Rail Regulation – Call for Evidence is now available (here) in PDF format.

DfT Motoring Services Strategy Consultation: PACTS response

The Department for Transport (DfT) began a consultation seeking views on the strategic direction of their motoring services agencies over the life of this Parliament in November 2015, laid out in a document titled ‘Motoring Services Strategy: Consultation’. The DfT sought to reform the three main motoring services agencies so they are positioned to respond to changes in: motoring the way people and businesses operate in an increasingly digitally-driven world. PACTS […]

Revising the Victims Code

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) began a consultation on a suggested update of the statutory Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, laid out in a consultation document titled ‘Revising the Victims Code’ in July 2015. The three main changes that were proposed within the document were: 1. To extend the services offered under the Code to victims of any criminal offence, not just victims of the more serious criminal offences that […]

PACTS Response: Revising Safety Regulations Consultation

PACTS has submitted a response to the Office of Railway Regulation (ORR) Consultation Revising the Railway Safety Regulations, a review looking at the Railway Safety (Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 1997, Railways Safety Regulations 1999 and Railway Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2001. PACTS response to Revising Railways Safety Regulations consultation is available here.

Response to the Traffic Signals and Regulations General Directive 2015

PACTS is pleased to respond to the DfT’s consultation on the Traffic Signs and Regulations General Directive 2015. In compiling this response we have consulted those members of PACTS most interested in the proposed changes to TSRGD, and our consultation response can be accessed here.