Early Day Motion: National Road Victim Month

Early Day Motion (289): National Road Victim Month was sponsored by Greg Mulholland, MP: ‘That this House commends the national road safety charity RoadPeace for organising National Road Victim Month every August to remember those killed or injured on our roads; notes that August is a particularly poignant month since the first person ever killed in the UK by a car, Bridget Driscoll, died on 17 August 1896; further notes […]

Early Day Motion; Highways Agency

Early Day Motion (241): Highways Agency sponsored by John McDonnell states: ‘That this House agrees with the findings of the Transport Select Committee, expressed in March 2014, that the case for the removal of the Highways Agency from the direct control of accountable Ministers has not been made; believes that the proposed changes of the status of the Highways Agency to a Government-owned company is the first step towards full […]

Early Day Motion: Autonomous Emergency Braking

Early Day Motion 161: Autonomous Emergency Braking sponsored by Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Peter Bottomley, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Jim Shannon and David Simpson: ‘That this House congratulates Thatcham Research for its Stop the Crash campaign to raise awareness about the safety benefits of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems; notes the growing body of research showing that AEB reduces the occurrence of low speed crashes by around 20 per cent as […]

Early Day Motion: Dangerous Parking Outside Schools

EDM (81) with primary sponsor Peter Aldous MP: ‘That this House expresses its concern about dangerous parking outside schools; recognises the safety implications for children of parents parking outside schools on double yellow lines; acknowledges that parents and local residents are concerned that poor parking increases congestion and makes it harder for drivers to see children crossing the road, thereby potentially putting school children in danger; supports a campaign to […]