Infrastructure Bill Update: Committee Stage

The Infrastructure Bill (2014-2015) completed it’s 6th Sitting with the House of Lords on the 22.07.14, Line by line examination of the Bill took place during the sixth day of committee stage on 22 July. Amendments discussed were: 94, 94AA, 94AG, 94B, 95, 95ZA, 95ZB, 95ZBB. The next stage is the Committee Stage in the House of Lords which will take place on the 14.10.14. Further information on the Bill is available […]

Infrastructure Bill Update: Order for Consideration

House of Lords: 26th June Order of Consideration Motion 3.38 pm Moved by Baroness Kramer That it be an instruction to the Grand Committee to which the Infrastructure Bill [HL] has been committed that they consider the bill in the following order: Clause 1, Schedule 1, Clauses 2 and 3, Schedule 2, Clauses 4 to 10, Schedule 3, Clauses 11 to 23, Schedule 4, Clauses 24 to 26, Schedule 5, Clauses […]