ETSC release 10th Annual PIN Report

More than 26,000 people died on EU roads last year, the first increase since 2001 according to the latest ETSC annual road safety performance index (PIN) report. Exceeding speed limits, drink or distracted driving and a failure to wear a seat belt are still the leading causes of death and serious injury across Europe, according to the researchers. Some countries are still making progress on road safety. At a conference […]

Cuts to police enforcement across Europe ‘doubly damaging’ for road safety, according to latest ETSC report

Declines in the level of police enforcement of traffic offences are contributing to Europe’s failure to cut the numbers dying in road collisions, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council. In over half the countries where data is available, the number of tickets issued over the last five years for use of a mobile phone while driving has reduced, suggesting lower levels of enforcement across Europe. […]

ETSC Report: Making Walking and Cycling on Europe’s Roads Safer

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has now published it’s 29th PIN Flash Report: Making Walking and Cycling on Europe’s Roads Safer. The report reveals that over the past 12 years 138,400 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in road traffic; while 7,600 people died in road traffic while cycling or walking in the EU in 2013 according to new research: the equivalent of a commercial airliner full of passengers being lost […]

ETSC publishes 8th Annual PIN Report

The ETSC have now released their 8th Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report available for download on their website. The report reveals that the UK has been pushed off the top spot by Sweden and that Slovakia has made the greatest reductions in road deaths in 2013.