Westminster Lecture Press Release: The Dangers of Fatigue

 3 November 2013  COMMON DRIVER FATIGUE SIMILAR TO DRINK-DRIVING It is common for people in the UK to drive with levels of fatigue that are associated with some loss of ability similar to, and sometimes beyond what is seen at the legal alcohol limit for driving, according to fatigue and transport expert Dr Robert Hunter. Speaking at the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety’s Westminster Lecture on Wednesday night (4 Dec)* […]

PACTS calls for London Cycling Safety Summit

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has written to the Mayor of London calling on him to convene an urgent Cycling Safety Summit in response to the recent spate of cyclist deaths on London’s roads. (see letter attached) Five cyclists have died in the past nine days in London. This brings the total number of cyclist deaths in London this year to 13, most of them in collisions […]