PACTS Response to the Roads Policing Review Call for Evidence

In July 2020, the Department for Transport launched a call for evidence on the subject of roads policing. This call for evidence seeks to identify what makes a difference in enforcement and how the capability and capacity of enforcement services can be enhanced. The Department for Transport (DfT) is carrying out this call for evidence as they are seeking to identify how the use of existing enforcement capabilities, and any […]

Dangerous and illegal use of e-scooters – PACTS calls for a restriction on sales

PACTS has written to transport minister Rachel Maclean MP, expressing our concerns about the increasing illegal and dangerous use of privately-owned e-scooters and called on the government to restrict sales. We publish our letter and her reply here: PACTS to Rachel MacLean e-scooters 21Aug 2020 reply from Rachel MacLean e-scooters 2Sept2020 We are also surprised and concerned that e-scooter casualties are not recorded in government road casualty statistics – according […]

MEBTI Stage 3 – Further incentives to develop roadside evidential breath testers

PACTS is pleased to announce the details of Stage 3 of the MEBTI competition – Mobile Evidential Breath Testing Instruments. The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) was awarded a grant by the Secretary of State for Transport to run a competition to encourage the development of mobile evidential breath testing instruments (MEBTI: sometimes referred to a roadside evidential breathalysers) which meet Home Office type approval requirements. The competition […]

UK pedestrians must not become the “chlorinated chickens” in automotive free trade deals, says PACTS

Update 23 August 2020. International Trade Minister Rt Hon Greg Hands MP replied to PACTS and we had a useful online meeting on 22 August. We were pleased with his commitment to uphold safety standards. We will continue to monitor the talks as the devil lies in the detail.  Minister reply to PACTS 13Aug2020 ———————————— PACTS is seeking to ensure that future international trade deals do not reduce the safety […]

‘Roads policing and its contribution to road safety’ – report from PACTS

Some 1,800 people die on UK roads each year – more than twice the number of deaths from homicides and terrorism combined. A further 25,000+ people are seriously injured. Many of these casualties result from a failure to comply with traffic laws – knowingly or otherwise. Around two-thirds of collisions involve excessive speed, a driver over the legal alcohol limit, failure to wear a seat belt, or a combination of […]