The 2016 Westminster Lecture on Transport Safety

Road Safety and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development Christian Friis Bach, Executive Secretary & Under-Secretary-General, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Introduction by Andrew Jones MP, Under Secretary of State for Transport Safety  Click here for press release Download full lecture report , or watch a recording of the lecture here.  In 2015 the United Nations General Assembly adopted global goals for sustainable development. For the first time these explicitly recognised road safety […]

24th Westminster Lecture: Staying Awake Staying Alive

The 24th Westminster Lecture on Transport Safety and the 3rd lecture in the UN Decade of Action Series held by PACTS on the 4th December 2013 can now be accessed here in its full format. The lecture from Dr Robert Hunter, Head of Flight Safety at the British Air Line Pilot’s Association (BALPA) is titled Staying Awake, Staying Alive: The problem of fatigue in the transport sector (Online ISSN: 2056-4767) and it addresses the […]

24th Westminster Lecture Conference Presentation

The presentation for out 24th Westminster Lecture on Fatigue and the transport industry, by Dr Robert Hunter (Head of Flight Safety, BALPA) is now available below: Staying Awake, Staying Alive: The Problem of Fatigue in the Transport Sector

Westminster Lecture Press Release: The Dangers of Fatigue

 3 November 2013  COMMON DRIVER FATIGUE SIMILAR TO DRINK-DRIVING It is common for people in the UK to drive with levels of fatigue that are associated with some loss of ability similar to, and sometimes beyond what is seen at the legal alcohol limit for driving, according to fatigue and transport expert Dr Robert Hunter. Speaking at the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety’s Westminster Lecture on Wednesday night (4 Dec)* […]