PACTS Launches New Report On Young Road Users

  Zero tolerance on drink driving, additional hazard perception training and graduated forms of licensing should become the norm to help tackle the disproportionate risks faced by young drivers and motorcycle riders in Europe, according to the YEARS report (Young Europeans Acting for Road Safety), launched today (26 January 2017). Full report, Reducing casualties involving young drivers and riders, is available here: YEARS Policy Report More than 3,800 young people (aged […]

PACTS and ETSC conference to launch YEARS project report

  YEARS (Young Europeans Acting for Road Safety) is a project run by ETSC and PACTS which seeks to gain a better understanding of young people (aged approximately 15-25) and the risks they face on the road. This policy report written by PACTS looks at the current situation in Europe, using the latest data on road deaths involving young people and the main risks they face in their first years […]