Teresa Ciano – Partnership Manager, GoSafe Wales

Teresa Ciano has over 15 years experience working in Road Safety and enforcement and since 2017, has been the Partnership Manager for GoSafe: the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership.

Teresa’s team delivers strategic planning, Communications and Marketing, data and performance reporting as well as policy writing and compliance.  She also oversees the work of four operational police units for GoSafe and two Central Ticket Offices with the partnership employing over 140 staff.

Teresa has worked on a number of key projects for the partnership, including the formation of an All Wales Partnership, digitisation and was instrumental in delivering the award winning Operation SNAP to Wales, the first forces to do so.  Teresa has been working with National Roads Policing Operations and Intelligence (NRPOII) to set up the administration hub for Operation Tutelage (for vehicles without insurance) on behalf of forces in England and Wales, which was delivered in 2020 and is hoping to be expanded to include offences of no MOT and no tax in 2021. Current projects include working on the change to default residential speed limits in Wales to 20mph and designing an enforcement strategy for schemes installed for Air Quality in Wales.

In 2019, she was honoured to become a member of the board of Trustees for PACTS and has consulted on several reports in that time, which means she gets a sneak peek of the reports she will have read anyway, being a big advocate of the research PACTS produces since she started work in Road Safety in 2005.

A keen cyclist, lockdown dog walker and mother of 2 who hopes to be on holiday for most of 2022 once international travel is allowed.