Will Haynes – Infrastructure Director, Sustrans

I am a chartered civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

My background is in highway engineering. I have worked on the design and construction of a range of highway schemes from new motorways and trunk roads to local improvement schemes. Since joining Sustrans, over 7 years ago, my focus has shifted to projects that make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

As Infrastructure Director at Sustrans I have oversight of our design and engineering activities.  This involves, providing technical advice, producing design guidance and delivering training.  Ensuring that our road networks work for all road users is key to enabling people to travel more actively. Doing so would enable us to realise the individual, societal and environmental benefits that are there for the taking.

One of our strategic priorities is developing the National Cycle Network.  We are working towards our vision for a UK-wide network of traffic-free paths for everyone, connecting cities, towns and countryside. The Network has to interface with major roads in a variety of situations.  Providing solutions to manage these interfaces in a way that acknowledges the needs of all road users is an important element of this.