Kris Beuret OBE

Kris Beuret OBE, MSc, FCILT, FCIHT, TPP is a sociologist specialising in social aspects of planning and transport. Kris directs and develops strategic approaches to stakeholder and public engagement which is so necessary for successful policy implementation and has a special interest in diversity and equality issues. To this end Kris has advised Government, the House of Commons Transport Committee and NGOs such as the Campaign for Better Transport. NGO as well as a wide range of professional and national support organizations such as the Disabled Persons Transport Committee and Refuge. Kris is a frequent contributor to transport related policy development for example as a Commissioner for the Independent Transport Commission, a member of the National Highways Research and Innovation Board and previously as member of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee. Kris has recently co-edited a book “Why Travel? and is working on a TV documentary about the social history of walking.