Peter Wright

Peter Wright has led the development of eSC’s sporting and technical regulations on behalf of the Commission for Micromobility and Sport. Identifying the potential for technical and safety crossover from the track to road-going electric scooters has been central to his approach throughout.

With an extensive motorsport engineering career and legacy, Peter is most well known for his aerodynamic research at  Formula One Team Lotus. It led to the introduction of the  revolutionary ‘ground-effect’ chassis in 1977 – work that  redefined racing car aerodynamics. As director of R&D at  Team Lotus, he also pioneered the early adoption of  carbonfibre chassis technology, data acquisition systems and created the first active suspension system.

After leaving the team, he worked for motorsport governing body the FIA, becoming President of the FIA Safety  Commission and alongside Professor Sid Watkins, helped lead the Formula One safety review following the death of Ayrton  Senna in 1994. Peter is an SAE Fellow, he was a founding  board member of road safety organisation EuroNCAP, a  former advisor to the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety and  Sustainability, and chairman of several major FIA safety investigation panels