Europe’s car safety framework needs ‘overhaul’ according to new ETSC report

Vehicle safety innovations are still benefiting too few road users in Europe due to an over-reliance on a voluntary testing programme rather than regulatory standards, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC). For almost twenty years, increases in levels of car safety in Europe have been driven mainly by the voluntary Euro NCAP programme which awards the safest cars with a 5-star rating. But according […]

‘Britain’s Road Safety Performance: are we as sunny as we think?’

Professor Oliver Carsten has stated that the UK is not a world leader in safety for vulnerable modes of transport in his recent article, ‘Britain’s Road Safety Performance: are we as sunny as we think?’, published in Transport Xtra on the 21st March.   The article is available here, reproduced with the permission of the author and Landor LINKS.