Highway Code consultation – Walking and Cycling

PACTS has responded to Department for Transport’s consultation on changes to the Highway Code to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. While all road users have a responsibility for their own safety and for others, it is right that those in charge of the vehicles which can do more harm should take extra care of those more vulnerable. Among other things, the changes will clarify and strengthen the rights of […]

CWIS safety review – PACTS and DfT Responses

On 22nd November the Government published its response to its call for evidence on the Cycling and Walking Strategy Safety Review, available here. The report outline the 50 Actions that the DfT will take. The main outcomes of the response are that the DfT will: Review the existing guidance in the Highway Code to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians Invest £100,000 to support police enforcement by developing a national […]

Department for Transport: Policy update

The Department for Transport (DfT) has released its February 2016: Policy Update discussing: The Road Safety Statement; Drug-driving; Use of mobile phones whilst driving; The improved Highway Code; Collision Reporting and Sharing (CRASH); Cycling and walking strategy; Reported road casualties; The Prince Michael Road Safety awards; and Highways England. The Policy update is available here.