EDM 893: Priorities for Road Safety

PACTS Chair Barry Sheerman MP is the primary sponsor of Early Day Motion (EDM) 893 on the topic of ‘Priorities for Road Safety’; tabled on 18.03.15. “That this House welcomes the publication of Priorities for Road Safety by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (an All-Party Parliamentary Group); notes that these priorities include the setting of ambitious casualty reduction targets, measures to reduce drink and drug-driving, implementation of double/single British summertime, safer road […]

EDM 536: Road Safety Week

PACTS Chair Barry Sheerman MP is the primary sponsor of Early Day Motion (EDM) 536 on the topic of ‘Road Safety Week’; tabled on 21.11.14 . The EDM states: “That this House welcomes National Road Safety Week, 17 to 23 November 2014; notes the contribution of many public and private sector organisations to the reduction in road casualties over several decades; further notes particularly the decision this week of the Scottish Parliament to […]

Early Day Motion: Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill

John leech MP has sponsored an Early Day Motion (68) on the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill: ‘That this House welcomes the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly, which would amend drink-drive and driver training laws for Northern Ireland; further welcomes that the Bill introduces new lower blood alcohol content limits of 50mg/100ml for most drivers and 20mg/100ml for learner drivers and novice drivers in their first […]

Early Day Motion: Young Driver Safety

Barry Sheerman MP, has sponsored an Early Day Motion (1025) on Young Driver Safety, stating that: ‘That this House notes with grave concern that almost a quarter of the road crashes resulting in death or serious injury in 2012 involved a driver under 24 years and that young, newly-qualified drivers are disproportionately involved in crashes, particularly catastrophic crashes involving multiple passengers, which has pushed up insurance premiums for young drivers; […]