PACTS Report: What kills most on the roads?

Covid-19 has had terrible consequences. It has also turned the transport agenda upside-down, showing that major change is possible, necessary and desirable. The government is investing in active travel and safety is crucial to encouraging more people to walk and cycle. This PACTS report calls on the government to adopt new analysis that highlights danger, not vulnerability, and the vehicles that most put others’ lives at risk. What kills most […]

Road Safety Since 2010 – Update with 2017 data

“PACTS understands that the DfT is putting the final touches to its refreshed Road Safety Statement and Action Plan. PACTS very much hopes that all these announcements will focus on what matters and what works. To keep the focus on the big picture – reducing the number of the most serious road casualties – we are publishing Road Safety Since 2010. This updates our earlier report with the latest (2017) casualty data.” said […]

How understanding suicide on UK Roads may help prevent them, insights for Australia

In 8th October 2018, PACTS and Samaritans took part in a webinar How understanding suicide on UK Roads may help prevent them, insights for Australia. This was organised by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) to explore the 2017 PACTS report Suicides on UK Roads – Lifting the Lid. A recording of the webinar is available here on YouTube.

Department for Transport releases April Road Safety Newsletter

The Department for Transport has released its April 2018 edition of the Road Safety Newsletter. The newsletter is written for the benefit of those working in the road safety field or who are interested in the topic.

Lilian Greenwood MP joined the Transport safety APPG at their January 2018 meeting

Members of the Transport Safety APPG were joined by Lilian Greenwood, Chair of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to discuss current inquiries being undertaken by the Select Committee.